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The Best 5 Floor Refinishers In Summerville SC

If it’s time to start your floor refinishing project but you’re not yet sure who’s the best contractor to work with, you’ll want to research and pick the one that’s most likely to deliver on his promises.

Naturally, the market is full of flooring experts promising extraordinary products at the lowest bids possible. Homeowners can be tempted by this, but not the ones that come prepared.

In this article, you’ll find the best 5 floor refinishers in Summerville SC and surrounding areas!

Let’s begin.

One of the best floor refinishers in Summerville SC from Randy Stewart

5. Mr. Handyman

While their name suggests they’re handymen, they also do wood floor refinishing and restoration.

The home improvement professionals from Mr. Handyman can handle all kinds of home improvements and home repairs.

Their wide range of skills and expertise will help you take care of everything on your to-do list. However, they perform smaller projects and hiring a handyman for a real home improvement might not always pay off.

If you’re looking for a simple power wash and pressure wash service, repairs for soffits and fascias, fascia board replacement, wood rot repairs, siding repair, gutter cleaning and repair, deck painting, and deck repair, these might be your guys.

They get the job done, but you want more than that.

Dan was fantastic. He repair our damaged interior ceiling, put in an electrical duplex outlet, and attached trim pieces on our stairs all in one day. Great work!

–  Dallas Reed

4. Woodboys

The guys from Woodboys sell hardwood flooring, engineered or solid, unfinished or prefinished at good prices. Besides these, they also carry new waterproof luxury vinyl plank flooring.

They specialize in wood flooring, so they’re knowledgeable with regard to the extensive selections that are available from over thirty manufacturers represented in their Showroom.

While Woodboys might be a good place to buy your materials from, you’ll still need  professional floor refinishers and installers to install your products. 

Woodboys is my go to store for flooring. This is the third time I’ve purchased flooring for different projects. This job was 1200 sq ft , from the initial appointment for measurement to completion of the work, it was stress free.

–  Dallas Reed

3. Perez Hardwood Floors

Perez Hardwood Floor is getting close to being a flooring contractor that has everything you’ll need. They do installations, repairs, and refinishes for wood floors.

Like most flooring companies and floor refinishers, they offer online estimates for their customers.

However, this is a small company that might lack the manpower and tools to get larger jobs done fast and efficiently. Sure, you might be getting their attention, but when contractors charge per day of work or hour, you don’t want your flooring refinishing project to prolong for over a week.

Mr. Perez did a wonderful job repairing my wood floors. Went above and beyond to make the floors match. It is an awesome feeling to have my floors perfect again. Recommend highly and the price was lower than expected.

–  Michael Kinney

2. 1st Class Painting and Restoration

Like the name says, 1st Class Painting and Restoration offers a great floor refinishing service in Summerville SC. However, they’re not specialized in wood floors, which can really leave a mark on your end-product.

While these guys must be great cabinet and wall painters, there’s little to no evidence that they’re offering a complete, premium hardwood floor refinishing service.

Just like a handyman, it feels like 1st Class Painting and Restoration are taking on smaller jobs that don’t require a lot of expertise. Sure, you can risk it and taste their craftsmanship for yourself, or you can choose a safe option.

Lorenzo and his team were very polite/ through and professional. Ronnie was great to communicate with and my house looks great!

–  Kristen Miller

1. Randy Stewart Hardwood Flooring

Randy Stewart’s Hardwood Flooring is your local hardwood flooring installer and refinisher. Since 2011, Randy has been providing top flooring services in Summerville, Charleston, Mount Pleasant, and more of South Carolina, and we’re one of the best wood floor refinishers in your town!

In fact, Randy Stewart is the only flooring expert certified by the National Wood Floors Association in Summerville, SC!

With over 1,000 floors refinished and over 700 hardwood floors installed, rest assured you’re looking at one of the best flooring companies in South Carolina.

We built our core values around your needs and preferences, and we aim to deliver a quality and long-lasting product. A simple and effortless process makes it easy for you to get started, and you’re ensured a smooth and stress-free experience.

We offer professional hardwood flooring installation, hardwood flooring refinishing, hardwood floor restoration, and we also install luxury vinyl flooring.


Hardwood Flooring is Randy’s business. He has a vast knowledge of craftsmanship with many types of wood and does beautiful work. He does not farm out work to a crew.

He will be present at the site with his team to see that your floors are installed properly and professionally. In addition, Randy is a husband, a father and an all around honest person.



Absolutely excellent! Really knows his stuff and also wonderful customer service!

He was recommended to us to do a small fix and he was fair, honest, very knowledgeable and very helpful!

So glad someone recommended him to us and we would highly recommend him to anyone else!


Professional floor refinishers working on a hardwood flooring

Why Hire Professional Floor Refinishers?

There are a few reasons why it’s best to hire a professional contractor when it comes to home improvement projects, especially if you want to refinish hardwood floors.


Choosing the best wood floor refinishers in Summerville SC might not be the easiest thing to do, but it’s definitely mandatory if you want to be fully satisfied with your end-product.

Our advice is simple: always research and ask for quotes from more than one contractor. Online quotes are usually free and you can understand how a contractor works and communicates before you make any big decision.

When it’s time to schedule an on-site visit, that’s when you need to be careful and make a sensible decision. Would you rather spend a little more to get a premium product that’ll last for years, or would you rather save some money on a low-end product that’ll need a repair next year?

The decision is up to you, we just know what we would do. If you’re thinking the same, give us a call at (843) 900-4880 or request a free quote and let’s schedule your consultation with our pros!